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Latest Bangla Word V2.0 Free Download for PC (For Windows 10 and 7)

Welcome to our blog Gujarati English. Today we will se some useful trick for Bangla Typing in “Bangla Word V2.0 Free Download (50+ Bangla Font and Script)” article. Today people pay more attention to the English language, but in India, apart from English, all other languages are also spoken. Like Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bangla, Tamil, Telugu and many more . I think that apart from English, you must also know how to type your regional language like Bangla. Do you think it is right?

Even if anyone wants to learn to write and read Bangla, it is more useful tool. Today in 2021 when people are forgetting to read and type in Bangla language, then you probably need Bangla Word Software or Tool. No matter how much a person can learn English, but we think that knowledge of mother tongue Bangla is must important for any person.

Do you need to translate your thoughts into another language? off course not. Our mother tongue Bangla is dedicated to all those who love mother tongue rich in pure ties and unique vocabulary with multiple languages. Anyone can start typing faster using this typing software, this article may be useful for them. This Bangla Word software works exactly like use English alphabet and type in Bengali script, because it is very easy to type Bengali from English.

What is Bangla Word Typing Software? How to Use It and Easily Type in Bengali? (50+ Bangla Font and Script)

In 2021, we are living in a generation where most of the people use computers and smart phones every day. Most of all the fields are typed in different languages ​​in small or big form. In our blog you will easily find all the Indian regional language typing tools, out of which today we will talk about Bengali typing.

Apart from Hindi and English language in India, other regional languages ​​have also been given equal privileges. Hence typing in Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Malayalam and Bengali has also become important in various fields. When it comes to Bengali typing, Bengali Word is considered to be the best software or tool.

In this article, we will discuss about Bangla words or Bengali typing software and fonts. It is a simple and reliable software working since many years. But its features and functionality make it even more important. In this, you will get to see some special features, which may not be present in other tools.

Bangla Word Software Download
Bangla Word Software Download

The important thing is that the size of this tool is just around 7 MB, you don’t need to download any other plugin apart from this tool. Perhaps you would not know that the Bengali language is spoken by more than 2 million people around the world.

There are probably bugs found in most typing software developed by small developers, but you probably won’t see any bugs in this tool. If anyone is working with Bengali documents, this is a great option for them! In general, everyone knows this software by the name of Bangla Word.

The important thing is that this software offers you about 40 different Unicode fonts on the smallest resources. Here you will easily find 2 versions of this software. Other than that you won’t get any virus with your software file.

Bangla Word Typing Software or Tool Specification

File NameBangla Word Personal Edition
SizeAround 7 MB
Required OSWindows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 and Mac
Available For32 bit and 64 Bit OS
VersionV 2.0
LicenseFree For Personal Use
FontAround 40 Fonts Pre-Included
DeveloperBangla Software Group

Bangla Word Typing Tool System Requirement

Required Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
Processor Architecture32 Bit or 64 Bit
Processor Above any Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon
Required Minimum RAM512 MB
Required Minimum HDD SpaceAround 50 or 100 MB
Internet ConnectionNot Mandatory

Bangla Word Typing Software Features

  • Anyone can easily download and install this Bangla Word on their computer. It works offline, that means you don’t need internet to work with this tool.
  • Bangla Word software is absolutely free, so you do not need to spend money like other language typing tool.
  • If you want to type faster, then auto-completion feature is available in that.
  • In this software, you have different customization options for the keyboard, which can be easily customized by the user.
Bangla Word Software Typing Features
Bangla Word Software Typing Features
  • Instant help popups are available to suggest you all the words you want to type.
  • You will get to see a very simple Bangla keyboard layout in this software. This will make it very easy for the beginner to learn Bengali typing.
  • The 40+ new Unicode font is available in it, which means the text you copy will work on all platforms with different types of style.
  • Easily updates available for any Windows OS.
  • You can use any Bengali Unicode online fonts in this tool.
  • With its help, you can easily type Bengali in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Photoshop.

Bangla Word Typing Tool Keyboard Layout

Here below you have been given a photo of the keyboard layout of Bangla Unicode font. With its help, a beginner can start typing from day one. This is generally the simplest Bangla keyboard layout, you won’t find any other simpler layout on the internet than this.

Bangla Word Software Keyboard Layout
Bangla Word Software Keyboard Layout

Bangla Word Typing Software Free Download

Unicode Bangla Font Free Download

Bangla Word Typing Tutorial PDF

How to Install Bangla Fonts in Windows

Here are guidelines for downloading and introducing a textual style on your PC. How you introduce a text style is distinctive relying upon your foundation so we’ve included guidelines for both! Whenever you’ve downloaded your textual style, look down to the establishment guidelines that apply to your PC.

  • Go to any site to get Text styles of Fonts.
  • Look through the rundown to peruse the textual styles. Or on the other hand, you can limit your outcomes to explicit typefaces by tapping on the “Classifications” menu under the hunt bar.
  • Then, at that point, you can choose or deselect serif, sans serif, show, penmanship (Otherwise known as content), and monospace typefaces.
  • After you’ve found a textual style you like, click on the font name textual style name.
  • In the upper right corner, click on the “Download family” connect. The font family or textual style will download as a Compress document.
  • Follow the Windows or Macintosh bearings underneath to introduce the text style on your PC.
  • Download the font textual style from Google Textual styles portal, or another any website.
  • Unzip font file.
  • Open the textual font , which will show the text style or textual styles of your downloaded font.
  • Right click on your downloaded font and click on install.
  • Your text style should now be introduced! On the off chance that you downloaded more than one text style, rehash stages three and four for every font, which you want to install.

How to Install Bangla Word Typing Software In Windows

Today, the most well-known approach to get new program is to download it from the Web. Applications like Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop would now be able to be bought and downloaded right to your PC.

You can likewise introduce free programming thusly. For instance, assuming you needed to introduce the Google Chrome internet browser, you can visit this page and snap the Download button.

The establishment record will be saved to your PC in .exe design. Articulated dab exe, this is the standard augmentation for establishment records on Windows PCs. You can follow the means beneath to introduce an application from an .exe record.

  • Find and download .exe file or record.
  • Find and double tap the .exe file or record. It will ordinarily be in your Downloads section.
  • An exchange box will show up. Adhere to the directions to introduce the product.
  • The product will be introduced. You would now be able to open the application from the start menu of Windows 7 or the Beginning start Screen in Windows 8 and 10.
  • Done! your software has been successfully installed in your computer.

How to Typing Easily Using Bangla Word Typing Software

It is not Difficult task, You just follow few simple steps in windows PC or Laptop.

Bangla Word Software Tutorial PDF
Bangla Word Software Tutorial PDF
  • Click on the Keyboard and Languages tab, which is available in right bottom.
  • Click Change Keyboards or language.
  • No you can see Text Services and Input Languages window.
  • Now you have to Click on Add language button in the Installed services bar.
  • Find and select Bengali language in the list.
  • Click on Ok.
  • Close all open window and type.

5 Best Alternatives of Bangla Word

  • Google typing assistant
  • Microsoft Indic Input Language
  • LipiKaar
  • AVRO typing software
  • Easy Learn Bangla

What is Unicode and Non-Unicode Font?

You may realize that a few textual styles are better for print and others are better for survey on the web. In any case, did you additionally realize that a few textual styles are superior to others for interpretation? Text styles can be characterized from numerous points of view serif or sans serif, corresponding or monospace.

Notwithstanding, the main text style qualification for interpretation reasons for existing is Unicode or ASCII. For the best interpretation experience, you need to utilize Unicode text styles. They can guarantee that your deciphered substance is just about as cleaned and expert as your source content.

A Unicode textual style incorporates characters from the All inclusive Coded Character Set a thorough arrangement of characters and glyphs from various dialects encoded in a manner that guarantees those characters seem something very similar across stages and frameworks.

A non-Unicode text style, like an ASCII textual style, is explicit to a specific language or character encoding and contains just a little subset of characters. It may glance pretty in English, however it very well may be quite restricting in case you’re thinking as far as interpretation.

For instance, since English does exclude emphasized characters, when you decipher your substance utilizing an ASCII textual style, any complemented characters will not show up. In those cases, a missing person regularly shows up as a question mark or square box in the text. Not exclusively does that look amateurish, yet in case there are sufficient of them, it may likewise make the text muddled.

While a solitary Unicode textual style ca exclude all conceivable Unicode characters there are more than 136,000 characters at present in the UCS, with space for over 1.1 million Unicode textual styles endeavor to be just about as exhaustive as could really be expected and positively incorporate a lot more extensive scope of characters than non-Unicode textual styles.

Non-Unicode textual styles can likewise be stage explicit, restricting their handiness. Unicode text styles work across Windows, Macintosh, and other working frameworks, so you can share or reuse interpreted substance without any problem. It doesn’t make any difference on the off chance that somebody adores the flexibility of the Windows stage or is an in-your-face Apple fan, a deciphered report utilizing a Unicode text style simply works.

The normalization, scope of characters, and similarity across stages all assistance to guarantee that you have the letters, glyphs, and images that you need in interpreted substance. Utilizing Unicode text styles likewise guarantees that you have support for dialects that have broadened character sets, like Asian or Eastern European dialects, and left-to-right dialects, like Arabic. Unicode textual styles even permit you to make a solitary archive with different dialects in it, expanding your choices for conveying deciphered substance successfully.

Useful Information About Bengali Language

Bengali, likewise known by its endonym Bangla (বাংলা), is an Indo Aryan language and is the most widely used language of the Bengal locale of the Indian subcontinent. It is the authority and most generally communicated in language of Bangladesh and the second most broadly discussed the 22 planned dialects of India, after Hindi.

With around 228 million local speakers and one more 37 million as second language speakers, Bengali is the fifth most-communicated in local language and the 6th most communicated in language by complete number of speakers on the planet.

Bengali is the authority and public language of Bangladesh, with 98% of Bangladeshis utilizing Bengali as their first language. Inside India, Bengali is the authority language of the provinces of West Bengal, Tripura and the Barak Valley area of the territory of Assam.

It is the most generally communicated in language in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands too in the Cove of Bengal, and is spoken by critical populaces in different states including Arunachal Pradesh, Delhi, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Meghalaya, Mizoram and Uttarakhand. Bengali is additionally spoken by the critical worldwide Bengali diaspora networks in Pakistan, the Assembled Realm, the US, and the Center East.

Bengali has created throughout over 1,300 years. Bengali writing, with its thousand years old abstract history, widely created during the Bengali Renaissance and is one of the most productive and different scholarly customs in Asia. The Bengali language development from 1948 to 1956 requesting Bengali to be an authority language of Pakistan encouraged Bengali patriotism in East Bengal prompting the rise of Bangladesh in 1971. In 1999, UNESCO perceived 21 February as Global Mother Language Day in acknowledgment of the language development.


Despite the fact that Sanskrit was rehearsed by Hindu Brahmins in Bengal since the main thousand years BCE, the neighborhood Buddhist populace were talking in certain assortments of the Prakrita dialects. These assortments by and large alluded to as eastern Magadhi Prakrit, as begat by language specialist Suniti Kumar Chatterji, as the Center Indo Aryan vernaculars were persuasive in the primary thousand years when Bengal was a piece of the Magadhan domain.

The neighborhood assortments had no authority status during the Gupta Domain, and with Bengal progressively turning into a center point of Sanskrit writing for Hindu ministers, the vernacular of Bengal acquired a ton of impact from Sanskrit.

Magadhi Prakrit was likewise spoken in advanced Bihar and Assam, and this vernacular in the long run developed into Ardha Magadhi. Ardha Magadhi started to offer approach to what in particular is known as Apabhraṃśa, before the finish of the principal thousand years. The Bengali language advanced as an unmistakable language throughout the process of everything working out.


However some case that some tenth century messages were in Bengali, it isn’t sure whether they address a separated language or regardless of whether they address a phase when Eastern Indo-Aryan dialects were separating.

The neighborhood Apabhraṃśa of the eastern subcontinent, Purbi Apabhraṃśa or Abahatta, in the end advanced into provincial vernaculars, which thus shaped three gatherings of the Bengali Assamese dialects, the Bihari dialects, and the Odia language.

Some contend that the places of difference happened a whole lot sooner returning to even 500 CE however the language was not static various assortments coincided and creators regularly wrote in numerous tongues in this period. For instance, Ardhamagadhi is accepted to have advanced into Abahatta around the sixth century, which contended with the precursor of Bengali for quite a while. Proto Bengali was the language of the Pala Domain and the Sena tradition.

Middle age

During the archaic period, Center Bengali was described by the elision of word last অ ô, the spread of compound action words, and impact from the Arabic, Persian and Turkic dialects. The appearance of dealers and merchants from the Center East and Turkestan into the Buddhist-administering Pala Domain, from as ahead of schedule as the seventh century, brought forth Islamic impact in the area.

In the thirteenth century, the ensuing Muslim undertakings to Bengal significantly energized the transient developments of Middle Easterner Muslims and Turco Persians, who intensely affected the neighborhood vernacular by settling among the local populace. Bengali procured unmistakable quality, over Persian, in the court of the Kings of Bengal with the climb of Jalaluddin Muhammad Shah.

Ensuing Muslim rulers effectively advanced the scholarly improvement of Bengali, permitting it to turn into the most communicated in vernacular language in the Sultanate. Bengali acquired numerous jargon from Arabic and Persian, which developed a sign of Islamic culture on the language. Significant texts of Center Bengali incorporate Yusuf Zulekha by Sagir and Shreekrishna by the Chandidas writers. Court support for Bengali culture and language faded when the Mughal Realm colonized Bengal in the late sixteenth and mid seventeenth century.


The advanced artistic type of Bengali was created during the nineteenth and mid twentieth hundreds of years dependent on the tongue expressed in the Nadia area, a west-focal Bengali lingo. Bengali presents a solid instance of diglossia, with the artistic and standard structure varying significantly from the everyday discourse of the areas that relate to the language.

The advanced Bengali jargon contains the jargon base from Magadhi Prakrit and Pali, likewise tatsamas and reborrowing’s from Sanskrit and other significant borrowings from Persian, Arabic, Austroasiatic dialects and different dialects in touch with.


Bangla Word Software available for windows 10?

Yes, you will easily find this software in our blog for all windows OS, such as windows 7, windows 8, windows 10 and Windows 11.

Is it available for windows 7 64 bit?

Yes, is it available for all Windows OS.

How to download Bangla Word keyboard?

In our blog you will easily find the external download link of this Typing Software or tool.

How to get Bangla typing tutorial pdf?

In our blog you will easily find the external PDF download link of best Bangla Typing Software tutorial.

How to get Unicode Bangla Keyboard Image or layout?

In our blog you will easily find the Unicode Bangla Keyboard Image or layout.

Is it typing tool work online?

This Typing Software works smoothly in both online and offline mode.

Is Bangla Word 1.9.0 available for windows 10 64 bit?

Yes, is 1.9.0 version is available for Windows 10 64 bit and other Windows OS.

Installation Video Tutorial


This Blog is not a download platform, here you will only get tech related tips and tricks. This is a trick to type and get Bangla Typing Software for computer, so the article has been published here only for education and information purpose. This software is not made by us, nor are we promoting it here. Keep in mind that, this is also not a sponsored article.


I hope “Latest Bangla Word V2.0 Free Download (50+ Bangla Font and Script)” article is become a useful for you. Must visit our blog regularly to get such interesting tech information in Gujarati and English and also follow us on social media like Pinterest, Facebook, twitter and Instagram to get latest updates on future.

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