Fruits and Vegetables Name in Gujarati and English

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Fruits and Vegetables Name in Gujarati and English
Fruits and Vegetables Name in Gujarati and English

You may have found this question in many places, but I am sure you will not find accurate and complete useful information like here in one place. The list below includes most of fruits and vegetables name in Gujarati and English. If you like this article, please let us know by commenting below.

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Amazing List of Fruits and Vegetables Name in Gujarati and English

You can find all the information in this blog in our regional language Gujarati, but this information is available in this blog in Gujarati and English. We will keep bringing you the latest information, so keep visiting our blog.

You must know that English is currently being widely used all over the world. You also have to learn a little English. The names of fruits and vegetables in this article are given in both English and Gujarati languages. I hope that with the help of this post you will also be able to increase your knowledge of English words.

Fruits Names in Gujarati and English

Below you will see a list of fruit names. This list contains the names of the most used and popular fruits. If we go to make a list of fruits of all species from all over the world, there will never be enough. There are so many species of fruits in the world. But here we have included in the list of common fruits that children can understand.

Fruits Names in EnglishFruits Names in Gujarati
Appleસફરજન (Safarjan)
Bananaકેળું (Kelu)
Coconutનાળિયેર (Naliyer)
Pineappleઅનાનસ (Ananas)
Mangoકેરી (Keri)
Orangeનારંગી (Narangi)
Papayaપાપૈયું (Papayu)
Guavaજામફળ (Jamfal)
Watermelonતરબૂચ (Tarbuch)
Almondબદામ (Badam)
Black Currantબ્લેક કિસમિસ (Black Kismish)
Lemonલીંબુ (Limbu)
Apricotsજરદાળુ (Jardalu)
Custard Appleસીતાફળ (Sitafal)
Blueberryબ્લુબેરી (Blueberry)
Date fruitખજુર (khajur)
Grapesદ્રાક્ષ (Draksh)
Dragon Fruitડ્રેગન ફળ (Dregon fal), કોઠીમ્બુ (Kothimbu), કમલમ (Kamalam)
Mulberryશેતૂર (Shetur)
Macadamia nutઅખરોટ (Akhrot)
Pearનાશપતી (Nashpati)
Pomegranateદાડમ (Dadam)
Sapota or Naseberryચીકુ (Chiku)
Muskmelon or Cantaloupeસાકર ટેટી, ટેટી (Sakarteti, Teti)
Pistachioપિસ્તા (Pista)
Sweet Limeમોસંબી (Mosambi)
Sugar caneશેરડી (Sherdi)
Indian gooseberryઆંબળા (Aambla)
Saffronકેસર (Kesar)
Green Berryબોર (Bor)
Grewia Asiaticaફાલસા (Falsa)
Wood Appleકોઠું (Kothu)
Water Chestnutસિંઘોડા (Singhoda)
Fresh Datesખલેલા (Khalela)
Fruit Name List In Gujarati and English

Vegetables Names in Gujarati and English (Shakbhaji)

Today this topic is going to be very intristing with the names of vegetables in Gujarati and English. Here today we are going to talk about vegetables. Where you will find the names of many vegetables today and this name has been given to you here in both Gujarati and English languages.

Now you will also see a recipe online in which you will see the names of all the vegetables more in English or if you watch a video on YouTube. So you have to remember the names of all the vegetables in Gujarati as well as in English now.

Let us take a look at some vegetable names that you can find in both Gujarati and English. Most of the vegetables in this list are for you, but there are probably a few that you haven’t seen. The names of Avaj vegetables available in India are listed here.

Vegetables Names in EnglishVegetables Names in Gujarati
carrotગાજર (Gajar)
cauliflowerફુલાવર (Fulavar)
cornમકાઈ (Makai)
potatoબટાકા (Bataka)
beetrootબીટ (bit)
tomatoટામેટા (Tameta)
chiliમરચાં (Marcha)
onionડુંગળી (Dungli)
garlicલસણ (Lasan)
cabbageકોબી (Kobi)
cucumberકાકડી (Kakdi)
Capsicumશિમલા મિર્ચ (Shimla Mirch)
Curry Leafમીઠો લીમડો (Mitho Limdo)
Bottle Gourdદૂધી (Dudhi)
Pumpkinકોળું (Kolu)
radishમૂળો (Mulo)
Fenugreek Leafલીલી મેથી (Lili Methi)
sweet potatoશક્કરિયા (Shakkariya)
Cluster Beansગુવાર (Guvar)
Kidney burnsરાજમા (Rajma)
Eggplant and Brinjalરીંગણા (Ringna)
Bitter Gourdકારેલા (Karela)
Coriander Leafલીલા ધાણા (Lila Dhana)
Lady Fingerભીંડો (Bhindo)
Ridged Gourdતુરીયા (Turiya)
pumpkinકોળું (Kolu)
Spring Onionલીલી ડુંગળી (Lili Dungli)
Spinachપાલક (Palak)
corianderધાણા (Dhana)
peasવટાણા (Vatana)
Ivy gourdટીંડોરા, ઘીલોડી (Tindora, Ghilodi)
Gingerઆદુ (Aadu)
Raw Bananaકાચા કેળા (Kacha Kela)
green pepperલીલા મરચા (Lila Marcha)
Mushroomમશરૂમ (Mashroom)
maizeમકાઈ (Makai)
Peppermintફુદીનો (Fudino)
Turnipસલગમ (Salgam)
Turmericહળદર (Haldar)
basilતુલસી (Tulsi)
parsleyકોથમરી (Kothmir)
dillસુવાદાણા (Suvadana)
oreganoઓરેગાનો (Oregano)
green beanચોળી બીજ (Choli)
chickpeaચણા (Chana)
Ash gourd or White gourdતુંબડું, પેઠા (Tumbdu, Petha)
Bay leafતમાલ પત્ર (Tamal Patra)
Broad or Butter Beansવાલોળ (Valol)
Bulbous rootસુરણ (Suran)
Bell Pepperસિમલા મિર્ચ (Shimla Mirch)
Colocasiaપાત્રા (Patra)
Drumstickસરઘવો (Saraghvo)
French Beansફણસી (Fansi)
Fenugreek Leavesમેથી ના બીજ (Nethi na bij)
Luffa Gourdગલકા (Galka)
Yam or Sweet Potatoરતાળુ, સુરણ (Ratalu, Suran)
Tamarindઆમલી (Aamli)
Broad Beansવાલ પાપડી (Vaal Papdi)
Snake gourdપરવાળ (Parval)
Tandlichiતાંદળિયા ની ભાજી (Tandaliya Ni Bhaji)
Vegetables Name List In Gujarati and English

You saw the names of vegetables and fruits in Gujarati and English in the list above, you also became familiar with many English words, you may have seen them all, but you may not know its English name. There are so many species of vegetables available in the world that it is difficult to list them all. So you will see the names of the voices in and around our country in the list.

39 Amazing Fun Facts About Vegetables and Fruits

Fruits and Vegetables Name in Gujarati and English
Fruits and Vegetables Name in Gujarati and English
  1. Capsicum is usually green in color, but they are also available in red, purple or yellow colors.
  2. Carrot, spinach, sweet potato are vegetables rich in carotenoids.
  3. Homas Jefferson got full credited of introducing French fries to America.
  4. Germans eat twice as many potatoes as Americans.
  5. One potato can provide 35% of the daily requirement of vitamin C for an adult man.
  6. Tomatoes are plants of the potato, pepper, and eggplant family.
  7. Perhaps you would not know that there are thousands of different varieties of tomatoes present all over the world.
  8. The French tomato was called the apple of love.
  9. Perhaps you would not know that tomatoes contain two cancer-fighting substances. p-coumaric and chlorogenic acids.
  10. Tomatoes are a good source of vitamins A and C among all vegetables.
  11. The Florida market is one of the largest producers of tomatoes.
  12. Potatoes don’t need to be kept in the fridge to store, but they do need to be kept dark and dry.
  13. Potato is 20% solid and contains 80% water.
  14. Most of the nutrients in a potato are just below the layer of its skin.
  15. Mantis can eat a whole tomato plant in one day!
  16. More tomatoes are consumed in America than any other vegetable!
  17. White potatoes were first cultivated in South America by local Indians.
  18. Potatoes first appeared in Europe in 1586, while they were grown in North America in 1719.
  19. Do you know? The study of fruits is called pomology.
  20. A banana is not just a fruit, it is a wonderful herb. Babies are fed more as they are easy to digest and highly nutritious.
  21. Strawberry is the only fruit in the world that has seeds outside, and a strawberry has an average of over 180 seeds.
  22. Among all the fruits, red colored fruits keep the heart strong.
  23. Orange fruits keep your eyes healthy.
  24. Yellow colored fruits increase your immunity power.
  25. Green colored fruits make your bones and teeth strong.
  26. You might not know that purple and blue colored fruits enhance memory.
  27. Orange is the most liked fruit in the world.
  28. Of all vegetable types in the world, dark green vegetables contain more vitamin C than light colored vegetables.
  29. Apples always float in water because 25 percent air is present in them.
  30. A kiwi fruit has twice the amount of vitamin C in an orange.
  31. There are about 7000 different types of apples grown all over the world!
  32. It is believed that banana was the first fruit on earth.
  33. Dried fruits have more calories than fresh fruits.
  34. Litchi seeds are poisonous and hence no one eats them.
  35. You will find it strange to know that cucumber is not a vegetable but a fruit.
  36. Drinking grapefruit juice while taking certain prescription medications can cause immediate overdose and death.
  37. The palm fruit is the largest fruit in the world, which can weigh 42 kg and the seed can weigh 17 kg.
  38. Pumpkins are also not a vegetable, but they are a fruit.
  39. Avocados are the most nutritious fruit in the world.



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