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Gen यूट्यूब or Genyoutube Download YouTube Video for Free 2022

Hello friends, welcome to our blog Gujarati English, today we are going to talk about a new tech topic called “Gen यूट्यूब (Genyoutube) Free Download YouTube Video.” I hope you enjoy this tech article too and find it useful. If you find this information useful, please comment below and let us know.

It is a site or tool that allows to download YouTube videos for free. However, these sites do have certain terms and conditions for your use of the services. Gen YouTube is an amazing video download site that allows you to download audio and video from YouTube and other social media platforms for free.

Before we continue that you use Genyoutube Downloader for your YouTube audio or video downloads, it is important that we let you know that downloading YouTube content for anything other than personal use is absolutely illegal and You might not even be able to download YouTube videos or audios for personal use too.

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All Useful Information About Gen यूट्यूब or Genyoutube Download YouTube Video for Free, But is Legit?

GenYouTube is a software used by millions of users to watch and download YouTube content. Along with the website, it is also available for iPhone and Android users. It is an online app that can download videos of any platform in high resolution, and also convert videos to audios.

It has quickly become very popular in the world due to the friendly interface, which makes it easy for the user to navigate while searching and downloading files. However, in this the user gets to see a lot of advertisements.

Is GenYouTube safe or not? And it doesn’t contain any virus or malware, or not? No one knows much about this, this is because a tool cannot be 100% sure, third party ads can pose a real threat especially when users click on them. Therefore, it is safer not to click on the ads.

GenYouTube can download high-quality 4k videos and high quality videos easily. Additionally, downloads can be done in the background so that users can explore other things. Perhaps this thing attracts the user more.


  • Users can download any form of video from Youtube using GenYoutube. Users can see a preview of their download by taking a screenshot or watching a video.
  • Anyone may also use it to search for videos and play them before downloading them. Visitors may even search for and save episodes and movies.
  • Relevance, view count, title, rating, and publish date can all be used to sort search results.
  • It currently provides over 55 different video download formats.
gen यूट्यूब genyoutube how is it works
gen यूट्यूब genyoutube how is it works
  • GenYoutube offers Youtube video downloads in mp4, wma, m4a, 3gp, and 3D codecs, with resolutions ranging from mobile to HDTV.
  • It can download Vevo videos, videos that are age restricted, and videos that are region locked.
  • GenYoutube is built on a lightning fast script that can handle several downloads at once. As a result, users will never have a problem with downloading speed.

How GenYoutube Works

User download any YouTube video or movies on your mobile, smart phone, computer by using this tool, a free video downloader service that lets you download a copy of your videos uploaded to youtube. Using this tool, users can download their videos from Youtube in mp4, mp3, webm, 3gp, flv formats in both HD and SD quality. For this, the user has 2 options, out of which this work can be done by using any method.

Option No. 1

Enter the video link above into the search box and press the Submit or Enter button, it will take you to the actual page where you can preview your film and download it after confirmation. Underneath the video, there are download buttons available to get files in any format.

Option No. 2

Add the gen word to the Youtube video URL, for example, if  user  seeing a video on Youtube and anyone want to download it, just attach gen to the web address like this:


YouTube video download in legal or not?

Loads of individuals utilize outsider apparatuses to download YouTube recordings however is it legitimate to do as such? Now and again, the case is obvious for instance, downloading Programs or music recordings is unlawful, yet shouldn’t something be said about different sorts of content?

Is it illicit all the time to download YouTube recordings, or would there say there are events when you’re permitted to do as such? We should investigate the lawfulness of downloading YouTube recordings.

It’s fundamental to separate the different sides of the inquiry. From one viewpoint, there’s the subject of how YouTube sees the circumstance. On the other, there are the public laws of the country wherein the downloading is occurring.

Along these lines, we’ll begin with YouTube. At the point when you watch a video on YouTube, you consent to keep the organization’s terms. There’s no space for translation; YouTube expressly restricts you from downloading recordings except if you have authorization from the actual organization.

There’s no space for translation; YouTube expressly restricts you from downloading recordings except if you have authorization from the actual organization.

gen यूट्यूब genyoutube is it legal?
gen यूट्यूब genyoutube is it legal?

We’ve discovered that YouTube would rather avoid video downloaders, regardless of whether it could be glad to choose to disregard them for the time being. Yet, what might be said about the law? Might it be said that you are perpetrating a wrongdoing assuming you download a video from YouTube?

As is frequently the manner in which it depends. We should take a gander at how US law sees the downloading of YouTube recordings. When Is Downloading YouTube Recordings Unlawful? In the US, intellectual property law directs that it is unlawful to make a duplicate of content assuming you don’t have the consent of the copyright proprietor.

That applies to the two duplicates for individual use and to duplicates that you either disseminate or monetarily benefit from. Thusly, downloading television series, films, sports cuts, or some other protected substance on YouTube is violating the law. It puts you in danger of confronting a criminal preliminary. The circumstance is something similar across the UK and the European Association.

Practically speaking, the shot at confronting a criminal claim particularly as an individual is remarkably thin, however you are violating the law in any case.

We’ve set up that downloading video implies you’re continually breaking YouTube’s terms. We additionally realize that assuming you download protected substance, you’re violating the law. Be that as it may, would there say there are any occasions when it’s lawful to download YouTube recordings?

Indeed! You can utilize outsider YouTube downloaders to download recordings for which the intellectual property laws don’t make a difference, or recordings for which the copyright awards you the option to replicate the video. There are one or two kinds of recordings you can legitimately download on YouTube.

Public area works happen when the copyright has lapsed, been relinquished, been postponed, or been irrelevant from the beginning. Nobody claims the video, which means individuals from people in general can imitate and appropriate the substance openly.

Imaginative Center applies to works for which the craftsman has held copyright, yet has allowed the general population to replicate and convey the work.

Copyleft awards anybody the option to replicate, disseminate, and adjust the work, as long as similar freedoms apply to subordinate substance. Peruse our article clarifying copyright versus copyleft assuming you might want to find out additional.

With a touch of burrowing on YouTube, you can track down loads of recordings that fall under one of the above classes. Keep in mind, downloading the recordings will in any case break YouTube’s Terms of Administration, yet won’t comprise a criminal demonstration.

Obviously, there’s additionally an ethical inquiry encompassing the most common way of downloading YouTube recordings. Similarly that destinations like MUO depend on promotions to continue to furnish peruses with free substance, numerous YouTube characters live off their channel incomes.

By downloading the video and offering it to companions disconnected, you deny the maker clicks, and likewise, lessen their pay. In an outrageous circumstance, the maker could sue for loss of profit.

A brief glance at any web crawler will uncover a group of locales, devices, and applications that let you download YouTube recordings. It’s likely why we’ve not heard from YouTube about any new claims against the devices’ administrators. Apparently the organization has concluded that the trouble of making legitimately watertight bodies of evidence against the locales is more difficulty than it’s worth.

Narrative proof even proposes a significant number of the YouTube downloader locales are being permitted to run Google Advertisements. Maybe Letter set is more worried about adapting those locales’ huge traffic than punishing them.

Similar to the case with robbery during the 2000s, the entire thing is forming into a round of whack a mole between the applications or locales or instruments and Telecom companies and record names. When one site is constrained disconnected, twelve new contributions spring up in its place.

Useful Information About YouTube

YouTube is a Google-owned online video sharing and social media network based in the United States. Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim founded it on February 14, 2005. It is the 2nd most visited website in the world, immediately behind Google.

YouTube has over one billion monthly users who watch over one billion hours of video per day. As of May 2019, more than 500 hours of video content were being uploaded in single minute.

YouTube was purchased by Google for $1.65 billion in October 2006. YouTube’s economic model has also evolved as a result of Google’s ownership; it no longer derives income only through adverts. Paid material, such as movies and exclusive content, is now available on YouTube.

YouTube and approved producers engage in Google’s AdSense programme, which benefits both parties by increasing revenue. It has grown from a modest video streaming platform to a major service with sales of around $19 billion in 2020, according to reports.

Since its acquisition by Google, YouTube has grown to include mobile apps, network television, and the capacity to integrate with other services in addition to its website. Music videos, video clips, news, short films, feature films, documentaries, audio recordings, movie trailers, teasers, live streams, vlogs, and more may all be found on YouTube.

majority Individuals are the ones who create the content. Collaborations between YouTubers and corporate sponsors fall under this category. Established media companies like Disney, Viacom, and Warner Bros. have built and grown their corporate YouTube channels to reach a wider audience since 2015.

YouTube has had a massive social impact, affecting pop culture, internet trends, and spawning multibillion-dollar personalities. YouTube has been heavily criticised despite its rapid growth and success.

YouTube has been criticized for being used to promote disinformation, copyright problems, routine abuses of its users’ privacy, allowing censorship, and harming the safety and very well of children.


This blog is not a download platform, here you will get only tech related tips and tricks. This article also only provides information about a tool named “GenYouTube”, so this article is published here for education and information purpose only. This tool or website is not created by us nor are we promoting it here. Please note, this is also not a sponsored article.


I hope you enjoy this “Gen यूट्यूब or Genyoutube Download YouTube Video for Free” article too and find it useful. Stay tuned to our blog Gujarati-English.Com for the latest tech related updates in Gujarati, Hindi and English. You can visit our home page for more information or in the navigation menu above you will find articles with other categories.

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