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KGF Chapter 2 Full Movie in Hindi Download Filmyzilla and Pagalworld

Welcome readers to our blog and today we will se another very useful information in this article, which is “KGF Chapter 2 Full Movie in Hindi Download Link Leaked by Filmyzilla and Pagalworld Leaked.” I hope you like this post and found useful for you. In this article you will get all the important information about the top most popular movies which is release in 2022.

Prashanth Neel wrote and directed KG.F Part 1, a 2018 Indian Kannad language historical action film produced by Vijay Kiragandur under the name of Hombale Films. It is the first part of a two-part series, which will be followed by KGF Chapter 2.

The movie stars Yash in the major role as Rocky, and debutante Ramachandra Raju as Garuda. Srinidhi Shetty, Vasishta N. Simha, Achyuth Kumar, and Malavika Avinash play supporting roles in the film, which is narrated by Anant Nag. The movie was shot in Kannada on an 80-crore budget, making it the most costly Kannada film at the time it was released.

Rocky, a top assassin in Mumbai who was born into poverty, is the focus of the story. Later, he acts as a wage slave for the Narachi Company, posing as Kolar Gold Fields, in order to kill Garuda, a millionaire gold smuggler and the son of Narachi’s owner.

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The mother-son bond is explored in the KGF film. The film appears to be set in the year 1978, with the protagonist’s birth taking place in 1951. In 1951, Yash walks away to Bombay, and by 1978, he has developed into a strong young man.

The premise of the film could revolve around slavery and the oppression of the poor and disadvantaged by a select group of people. The protagonist will observe the scenario, comprehend the events, and then fight the evil in order to safeguard the good. With a UA certificate, the KGF film has been censored.

The first look teaser for KGF was released on January 8th, 2018, on Yash’s birthday, and the theatrical trailer was released on November 9th, 2018. On December 21st, 2018, the film KGF was released.

KGF Chapter 2 Full Movie in Hindi Download and Story Line

The Indian government has banned journalist Anand Ingalagi’s book El Dorado, which recounted the events at the Kolar Gold Fields between 1951 and 2018, and all published copies were burned. A television news channel, on the other hand, obtains a duplicate and interviews him.

According to Ingalagi, gold ore was discovered in the southern region of India’s Mysore State by govt officials in 1951. Rocky was also born to a poor widow on the day of the discovery in the Mysore district. The authorities were assassinated by Suryavardhan, a prominent don who followed them.

Suryavardhan disingenuously sets up a corporation, Narachi, on that land, bought for a long term lease under the pretence of mining stone, anticipating the escalating Cold War demand for gold by the United States and the Soviet Union.

He has five team members, all of whom work outside of KGF: Kamal, the son of a former accomplice Bhargava; Rajendra Desai and Andrews, who supervise operations in the Konkan and Malabar Coasts, respectively and Guru Pandian, a powerful politician and the head of state of the DYSS party and his brother, Adheera, who are both from Bengaluru.

Nevertheless, they are all focused on the mining. Andrews’ underboss, Shetty, is a gold smuggler in Bombay, however another smuggler, Dubai-based Inayat Khalil, has his sights set on the city as well. Rocky comes to Bombay as a ten-year-old on a pursuit for power and fortune, as his dying mother desires, and begins working for Shetty.

kgf chapter 2 full movie in hindi download filmyzilla
kgf chapter 2 full movie in hindi download filmyzilla

Decades previously, he becomes Shetty’s right-hand man, overseeing the landing of African gold bars on the Bombay coastline with an iron grip. Rocky quickly gains strength and power to rival Shetty’s. Andrews notices this and promises him Bombay in exchange for assassinating Garuda, Suryavardhan’s oldest son, who would inherit KGF if his disabled father passes away.

Rocky accepts the invitation and travels to Bangalore, where a political rally would be held. Once there, he witnesses Garuda’s overwhelming presence, authority, and power in thwarting the assassination attempt.

Suryavardhan, who was sick at the time, announced Garuda as his successor at the KGF in 1978, neglecting Adheera, whom he wishes to serve as the former’s helper. Garuda’s harsh method of working comes to the fore with the help of his leader, Vanaram. In the present, Rocky rushes into KGF, eluding a unit of henchmen, seeing no other way to assassinate Garuda.

He watches the savagery with which the slaves are treated once he arrives. Rocky is inspired by an incident involving the warmer murder of a mother and son by an overseer, the slaves’ children believe that Rocky would rise to rescue them. During his duty, Rocky surreptitiously gains access to the map in the maintenance room and just avoids death when a fellow slave sacrifices himself to save the lives of his wife and pregnant child. Andrews and Desai are deceived about the event by their spies.

Rocky participates in a struggle with a squad of twenty three overseers, killing each one to save a blind slave they were going to mercilessly slaughter, in an attempt to let Desai and his men know he is still alive through their informants, Kulkarni and Garuda’s brother Virat. Rocky becomes a hero in the eyes of the slaves as a result of this behaviour.

Rocky later tells them to set fire to the overseers’ bodies, informing Kulkarni and Virat that he is prepared to murder Garuda, as they had discussed earlier. Vanaram, disturbed by the fire, now alerts Garuda about the missing overseers.

The strange fire forces Garuda to flee his home, and he dispatches his hitmen in jeeps to the mines. To prevent the approaching hitmen from observing the slaves burning the dead in the mines, Virat suffocates Suryavardhan to death, causing a massive diversion. This diverts Garuda’s attention away from Rocky and the slaves, who flees back home.

kgf chapter 2 full movie in hindi download pagalworld
kgf chapter 2 full movie in hindi download pagalworld

Garuda wants Maa Kaali’s ceremony to be rescheduled from the following week to the very next day, vowing that he will kill his father’s allies as soon as the rite is completed. Rocky takes the opportunity that day at the mines, plots, and sneaks down a tunnel to the location where Garuda has planned to behead three slaves as offerings to the goddess. Simultaneously, Vanaram sees that the third slave to be killed is still within the palace; he realises that an imposter has taken his place and is planning to slay Garuda.

Vanaram runs to the sacrifice place, but it is too late. Rocky reappears and beheads Garuda after he returns to the spot and sacrifices two slaves. Rocky is accepted as their leader by the joyful slaves, who cheer him on. The narrator comes to the conclusion that Rocky picked KGF to assassinate Garuda on purpose in order to incite an army of slaves to seize it. But, as the narrator points out, this is only the beginning.

The word of Garuda’s assassination reaches all corners of the country. Ramika Sen, the freshly elected Prime Minister, issues a death warrant for Rocky and instructs the army to seek for him. Suryavardhan’s brother, Adheera, is informed of Garuda’s death, as well as that of Inayat Khalil in Dubai.

Adheera was previously stated as having been killed by Garuda following an assassination attempt. A gunshot is fired, and the movie turns to black as Vanaram orders his soldiers to attack Rocky and his army. The message To Be Continued: Chapter 2 appears during the end of the movie.

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KGF Chapter 2 Trailer

Casting and Production

  • Yash– Rocky
  • Anmol – young Rocky
  • Sanjay Dutt– Adheera
  • Srinidhi Shetty– Reena Desai
  • Raveena Tando– Ramika Sen
  • Prakash Raj- Vijayendra Ingalagi
  • Achyuth Kumar- Guru Pandian
  • Malavika Avinash- Deepa Hegde
  • Rao Ramesh- Kanneganti Raghavan
  • TS. Nagabharana- Srinivas
  • Archana Jois- Rocky’s mother
  • Avinash- Andrews
  • Ramachandra Raju– Garuda
  • Vasishta Simha- Kamal
  • Suresha- Vittal

Produced by

  • Harsh Dave- line producer
  • Hetvi Karia-producer
  • Deepak Mukut- producer
  • Director– Prashanth Neel
  • Writer– Prashanth Neel
  • Stars– Yash, Sanjay Dutt and Raveena Tandon

KGF Chapter 2 Movie Detail

Release dateApr 14 2022
Country of originIndia
LanguagesHindi Telugu, Tamil and English
Official sitePrime Videos
Production companies Hombale Films and Excel Entertainment
Filming locationsHyderabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai
GenreAction and Thriller

KGF Chapter 2’s Casting


Naveen Kumar Gowda, better known by his screen name Rock Star Yash, is an Indian actor who is most known for his performances in Kannada films. Prior to movies, he worked in theatre and on television soaps in various roles. In 2007, Yash made his cinematic debut in Jambada Hudugi, in which he played a secondary role. He portrayed the male lead alongside Radhika Pandit in his second film, Moggina Manasu.

The film was a smash hit, and he won the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Role for his performance. Modalasala, Rajadhani, Kirataka, Lucky, Jaanu, Drama, Googly, Raja Huli, Gajakesari, Mr and Mrs Ramachari, Masterpiece, and other commercially successful films followed. Yash has established himself as one of the Kannada film industry’s bankable stars, with a successful track record of hits.

Sunjay Dutt

Sanjay Dutt is a Hindi movie star who was born on July 29, 1959, in the Indian state of Bombay. Sanjay is from a well-to-do family with ironic Bollywood ties. His father, Sunil Dutt, was a well-known actor and politician, while his mother, Nargis, was a former Famous actress.

The attractive, muscular, and tall actor emanates a magnetic appeal and maturity off and on screen, and is known as Sanju Baba or Munna Bhai in the film industry and among fans. The road to stardom had not been easy for Sanjay Dutt. Sanjay’s life was ravaged by a series of catastrophes, beginning in his infancy when he began using drugs, due to his mother’s death from cancer, and the stresses of being the son of superstars, for which he had to seek treatment in Texas.

Sanjay’s misery, on the other hand, remained. On the family front, the death of his previous wife Richa Sharma, the loss of his daughter’s legal guardianship struggle, and the separation from his second wife Rhea Pillai were the setbacks. The unlawful ownership of guns caused him considerable mental distress, as he was determined by controversies over his legendary arrests and jail verdicts served because of his so-called role in the TADA bomb blast case.

Despite this, his life motto of “Never Give In” led to a spectacular comeback, as seen by his countless box office hits. Sanjay Dutt had his Bollywood debut with the blockbuster hit Rocky, but it was in the role of a villain in the film Khalnayak that he made his breakthrough.

Sanjay’s flexibility and maturity were showcased through his spectacular parts in comic, romantic, and action films, earning him rave acclaim. Despite his difficulties, Sanjay Dutt continued to make box office hits with films such as Naam, Vidhaata, Saajan, Sadak, Mission Kashmir, and Vaastav.

KGF Full Movie


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