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You may improve your general typing speed and become a skilled typist by learning how to type with free online tools. With practice, these resources will help you improve your typing speed and accuracy. Kuttipencil will also assist you in becoming an expert in Malayalam typing online with minimal effort.

Investing the time to learn to type will provide you with the necessary abilities to acquire an internet typing job. These tools will not only help you type correctly, but they will also help you save time typing.

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All Useful Information, Tips and Tricks of Kuttipencil. Type Malayalam Easily.

Looking for a Manglish to Malayalam translator? Or do you want to use Malayalam typing tool? I’m going to present a technique, which most of them will be familiar with. Kuttipencil.in is an internet based Malayalam typing utility  and font converter.

Manglish to Malayalam Online Converter Keyword shows a list of keyword phrases and a list of related things websites after assessing the architecture, and you can see which words most prospective parties on this page.

What is Kuttipencil?

If you talk in easy language, then this is a very common typing tool. This will help you a lot in typing Malayalam and you can type in Malayalam language just like you type in the message. You do not need to install any font on your computer.

what is kuttipencil
what is kuttipencil

Due to this being an online server based tool, you do not need to install any software on your PC. You can easily type whenever you want with the help of your any browser. If you are also looking for any online Malayalam typing utility, then this website is going to be very useful for you.

What is the best way to use Kuttipencil?

Without having to download a third-party keyboard, you may type Malayalam online using the Kuttipencil keyboard layout. This free web programme supports five keyboard formats: Inscript, Typewriter, Panchari, GIST, and Varityper Phonetic.

This web application also makes it simple to type Malayalam on Mac and Ubuntu. As I previously stated, there are five different keyboard layouts. Choose the one that appeals to you. If you are unfamiliar with the above keyboard layouts, you can use Manglish to Malayalam Keyboard.

Official Website- https://kuttipencil.in

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What is the best way to utilize the Manglish to Malayalam Converter?

If you wish to convert Manglish to Malayalam, use Google Translator. All you have to do to enter Malayalam is type and press the Space bar. Kuttipencil uses the Google Transliterate API to convert English to Malayalam. And you don’t want to go anywhere!

This Online Manglish to Malayalam converter is very simple to use; you can translate the required text in a few steps. The identity of the true software developer is kept a secret. Copy 3 of the FML Sequence That is something I am aware of at all times. I have the right to revoke my permission at any time. There were also a few additional options, such as spell checking, script uploading and copying, text saving to data backup, and sending to your address.

best way to use kuttipencil
best way to use kuttipencil


  • A simple Mac, Linux, and Ubuntu interface with a rapid Malayalam typing tool.
  • Storage, posting, authoring, and streaming options are all available.
  • You can get text from PDF and Images.
  • On screen Google Keyboard available to use.
  • User are able to store text in online storage with Google login.
  • You can easily print your text with one click.
  • Audio to text and text to audio.
  • Inbuilt Spellchecker and English-Malayalam Dictionary
  • For the ML/FML collection, use the Unicode Convert to convert any type of fonts.
  • Convert desired text in English to Malayalam and Malayalam to English.
  • Easy to access using Chrome Extension and Firefox Version.

Convert Your Text Unicode into ML or FML Series and Manglish to Malayalam

You will probably know what is the difference between Unicode and Non Unicode Font, if you do not know, then you have been given detailed information below. If you use this text in MS Office, then you will probably be able to do it. But if you want to use this text in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Coral Draw and other software, then you have to convert the text to ML or FML Series font.

You don’t have to worry, because in this website you will find Unicode and many other types of converters to use for free. Any user can easily convert the font and use it in other software like Photoshop, Illustrator, Coral Draw and many more.

convert malayalam text unicode into ml or fm
convert malayalam text unicode into ml or fm

Do whatever text you want to type first. Now above you will see a button of convert, you have to click there. There you will see options like Copy to ML Series, Copy to FML Series, Paste from ML/FML, Manglish and Audio (MP3 Format). You can convert to anything with a single click.

Kuttipencil Google

Here I am going to tell you a special feature of this website, you are going to like this feature very much. Here you can easily use Google keyboard online. You will get to see different options in the right top corner, in which you will also get to see the option of Google Keyboard.

You can type Malayalam like English with the help of this keyboard, this feature makes it easy for most of the people to type Malayalam. Here, as soon as you type something in English, you will get the translation in Malayalam, perhaps this is a very attractive feature of this website.

What is Difference between Unicode and Non Unicode Font?

When storing data in a database, a Unicode character takes up extra bytes. Many global industries, as we all know, seek to expand their business globally and grow at the same time.

They would choose to broaden their business by giving benefits to clients worldwide in languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Arabic. Many websites now offer international languages in order to do business and attract new clients, which makes life easier for both parties.

Unicode is the polar opposite of Non Unicode. It is simple to save languages like ‘English’ using non-Unicode, but not other Asian languages that require more bits to store accurately, or truncation will occur.

To store client information in the database, the SQL server must have a mechanism to store global characters. Storing these characters is difficult, so many database vendors have had to rethink their strategies and come up with new mechanisms to support or store these international characters in the database.

Some large database suppliers, such as Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, and others, began offering international character support so that data could be saved and retrieved appropriately, avoiding any snags while conducting business with international customers.

The distinction between Unicode and non-Unicode character data storage is determined by whether non-Unicode data is saved using double-byte character sets.

Non Unicode letters are stored in single bytes in all non-East Asian languages and the Thai language. As a result, saving these languages as Unicode takes over twice as much space as storing them as a non-Unicode code page.

Non-Unicode code pages for many other Asian languages, on the other hand, provide character storage in double-byte character sets. As a result, there is essentially little difference in storage between non-Unicode and Unicode for these languages.

Unicode makes an attempt to support all of the world’s scripts. When more than one speech has a set of symbols with a historically relevant derivation, the symbols from each language are combined into a single collection known as a single script.

These scripts are then used to create inventories of characters that are used to construct specific languages. A single script can often be used to write tens or even hundreds of languages. English, German, and Vietnamese, for example, use the Latin script, while Arabic, Farsi, and Urdu use the Arabic script. In other circumstances, a script is used by only one language.

Some languages’ texts system may combine many scripts, for example, Japanese traditionally uses the Han, Hiragana, and Katakana scripts, and current Japanese usage frequently incorporates the Latin alphabet as well. Unicode characters are not all two-byte characters.

The length of a character is determined by the Unicode encoding. Unicode characters can be longer than characters defined in other standard code pages because a character in one of the Unicode Encodings can be more than 1 byte. As a result, the system requirements increase.

Each encoding has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Because all 7-bit US ASCII characters have the same code points, the 8-bit encodings are well-suited for data transport. This makes connection with legacy, non-Unicode systems easy. The disadvantage is that character length varies. All characters in the 32-bit encodings, UTF-32/UCS-4, have a fixed length, although this advantage is currently overshadowed by the high memory needs.

The 16-bit encodings are a good compromise because they don’t take up as much memory as UTF-32 while still providing a quasi-fixed character length. UCS 2 has a fixed character length but can only specify 65,636 characters (216), by using the Surrogate Area, UTF-16 can access all of the characters in Version 4.0 of the Unicode Standard.


What is kuttipencil and how is it works?

This is an website, which help you to type in Malayalam and you can easily convert ML and FML font vice versa.

Is Kuttipencil Free?

Yes, this is a completely free website, which you can use anytime. In addition to you can also get Chrome and Firefox extension of this tool you

Video Tutorial


Here we have given information about this website. This article is published here for information and educational purpose only, we do not have any other purpose. We do not advise you to use this website, you can use this tool with your own risk.


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