Movie Rulz 2021, Plz, Ms, VPN, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Bollywood Movies Free Download. Is it Legit?

Welcome readers to our blog Gujarati English and today we will se another amazing useful article which is Movie Rulz 2021, Plz, Ms, VPN, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Bollywood Movies Free Download. Is it Legit? I hope you like this amazing article and found useful for you. In this article you will get all the information about the This Popular Pirated Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Bollywood Free Movies Download Website.

Today, millions of people search for such pirated websites every day. But the question is, is it legit? You probably know the answer, NO, Movie Rulz and it’s extension Plz, Ms, Wap, Ps, Ac and VPN is not the legal way to Download Movies. With it’s let’s talk about a such similar popular pirated website in this article today, which allows its all user to download Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Bollywood, Hollywood, South or Hindi movies for free.

Now you will know what was the main thing about this article. You had to know this thing first, so this thing has been told to you at the beginning of the post.

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Movierulz or Movie Rulz and It’s Extensions Plz, Ms, Wap, Ps, Ac and VPN Not Legal Way to Downloads Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Bollywood Movies and Web Series for Free

Today, millions of people like to watch movies every day for entertainment, but it is important that is it legal? By the way, most people in India watch movies in their mobiles, because most people have a smartphone. In India, most people do not have the money to watch movies in theaters. This is the main reason that pirated websites are used more in India.

Movierulz or Movie Rulz is popular pirated Movies download websites which is leaked a Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Bollywood Movies and Web Series for Free in different types of formats and different types of video quality.

Movie Rulz 2021, Plz, Ms, VPN, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Bollywood Movies Free Download. Is it Legit
Movie Rulz 2021, Plz, Ms, VPN, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Bollywood Movies Free Download.

The domain of this website changes within 10 days or more due to policy errors and various other reasons. If a user wants to download the latest movies in Movie Rulz, he can do this easily, which is why this website is very popular in India and in the world.

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History of Movie Rulz or Movierulz

As you know, the domain of this website always changes in 10 days or a month. This is because this website is completely illegal. Piracy is not allowed at all in India and all over the world, so whenever the government comes to know, they suspend all such websites, then its domain is blocked. But the people who control this website already have a new domain related to it and they start it again.

This is the main reason that due to such a website, the profits of the filmmaker are decreasing nowadays. Piracy has become a major cause in the world today, and if we talk about India, not everyone has the money to go to the theater to watch the latest release.

How Movie Rules or Such Websites Works
How Movie Rules or Such Websites Works

For this reason, people from India and other countries download movies using pirated websites and watch them on mobile. You know that not everyone in India is rich. Many people live in poverty. That is why that people do this work. This is completely illegal and can result in punishment.

How Movie Rules or Such Websites Works?

Perhaps you will not know how such a pirated website works and what benefits does its owner have? A website like this links any newly released movies in 1 or 2 days, so that its users can watch any new movies for free.

Speaking of easy words, pirated websites like this can be closed anytime. But it again comes with a new domain and continues to provide its service to its users. There will also be a question in your mind that where does the owner of this website get money from? When users use this website, they see a lot of useless advertisements. For this, the owner of the website gets paid.

In our blog Gujarati English, this information is provided for educational purposes only. Our website is not promoting or endorsing piracy and pirated content in any way. Piracy is considered a serious legal offense in India. You must know this thing before visiting such a website.

About a Movierulz

Movie rulz is a top pirated website for downloading pirated movies of Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, web series, TV shows and many more. On this website, the user can not only download movies of Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil films and Telugu films, but can also do online streaming.

This website has been providing service to its users for 5 years or more, during which time its domains have been blocked many times. Because of this, a large number of domains exist on this website. On this website you will get to see the huge range of all movies. All the films are available here in different sizes and different resolutions to the user. Today this website is quite popular for 300 MB


Latest Movie Rulz URL, Which is Working Now (New Website)

As you know, domain of Movie Rulz website always changes in some time. You must now know why this happens. After the domain is blocked, you will not get this domain even in Google, because Google also removes it from its search engine.

At this time, all the regular users of this website have trouble, because they do not know what is the new domain. It is present on the group social media of the website like Facebook, Instagram, Twitters and Telegram, where its administrators give information of the new domain to their users.

Below you see a URL, this is from the Movierulz website. It is probably working right now. You have not been given a link here, because our blog is against Gujarati English, Piracy. This information is given here for information purposes only. You can get more information by searching this URL in Google.

Latest Movie Rulz URL, Which is Working Now (New Website)
Latest Movie Rulz URL, Which is Working Now (New Website)

Working URL –

Here only the domain name of this website has been given, we do not recommend that you use it. We and our blog are against piracy, this article has been published here only for information and educational purpose.

Before visiting any pirated website like this, definitely read some important information given below in this article. This information is important for you, so that you do not have any problem in the future.

URL List of Movie Rulz Which is May Be Not Working Now

Here you have given the names of some old domains, which have been blocked by the government and are not working now.

  3. Movierulz.vpn
  4. Movierulz.hit
  5. Movierulz.plz
  6. Movierulz.wap
  11. Movierulz.1234
  12. Movierulz.pi

Recently Uploaded or Leaked Latest Movies in Movies Rulz

  • Check
  • Play Back
  • Room No 54
  • Sandeep or Pinky Farar
  • Ahaan
  • Radhe
  • Time to Dance
  • D Compony
  • BA Pass 3
  • Mumbai Saga
  • Ram Prasad ki Thervi
  • Hello Charlie
  • Rohi
  • T and F
  • Raat Baki Hai
  • Udaan
  • Big Bull
  • Paglet
  • Salience
  • Madam Chief Minister
  • Indoo Ki Jawani
  • Tandav
  • Bulets
  • Kaagaz
  • 12o Clock

What is Movie Rulz Plz, Movie Rulz MS, Movie Rulz.Wap and Movie Rulz Ps?

Now you know all the useful information about this website, where anyone can easily download the latest and old Tamil, Telugu, Bollywood movies for free. Users can download any number of movies in different sizes and quality according to their own. The important thing is that there is no need to give money to the user here.

In the heading above, you see the words, such as Movierulz.Plz, MS, Wap and Ps. This is the old domain of all pirated websites, which are not working right now. All websites domain like these are mostly blocked in some time, so the domain name of this website is present in large number.

Top 10 Pirated Alternatives of Movie Rulz Download Website

Below you can see some best Alternatives of movies or video streaming websites or platform, which may be useful for you. It is all illegal and pirated movie download website. if Follow my advice, you have some money then you must use legal platform or websites.

1Khatri Maza
29X Movies
3Khatrimaza Full
4123 Movies
5Jio Rockers
6Tamil Rockers
8MFZ Movies
9FZ Movies
10Filmy Zilla

Top 10 Legal Alternatives Movies Download or Live Streaming Platform

These are all legal platforms, which you can see bellow. Here you can easily watch any Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil and Telugu movies. If you want to watch any movies for free, then you can use MX player. It is the most popular video streaming application or platform in India, which is available free for Android and Apple devices.

3Amazon Prime
5Zee 5
7Sony Liv
8ALT Balaji

How user can use ban Movie Rulz URL or Domain using VPN and Proxy?

We have gained a lot with the development of technology, but there are also some losses. Today everything gets done online easily, piracy is also a result of the development of technology. You will definitely know about VPN, if you do not know then you can get more information about VPN through Google or YouTube.

You know that such a domain or URL has always been blocked by the Government of India. But it happens only in India, because this work has been done by the Government of India. If someone opens the same URl in another country, then this website will definitely open.

Today, users of this website in India can open this website easily with the help of any free VPN. Because the user is connected to VPN, then the IP and location are from another country. This happens because of the VPN service provider and its server. This is a wrong use of VPN as it is for web security.

Top 10 Free VPN (Commercially Paid)

2Safer VPN
4IP Vanish
5Cyber Ghost
6Hotspot Shield
7Tunnel Bear
9Proton VPN

Take Precaution before Visit a Movies Rulz or Such Pirated Websites.

  • Before using any illegal or pirated websites, must install a strong antivirus in your personal computer, laptop or smart phone. May be some content comes with a dangerous virus.
  • Must scan your any types of downloaded file.
  • Keep in Mind, do not click on unusual ads or links.
  • Must avoid unusual text or Attracting Ads.
  • Do not fill any information.
  • Do not login.


You will see the advantages of using this website here.

  • Free to use for Everyone, Everywhere.
  • Do not need to spent money for any videos or movies.
  • You can easily get here any types of movies or web series.
  • User can start downloading desired movies with in minute.
  • User have many different servers to download movies.


You will see the disadvantages of using this website here.

  • Undoubtedly it is not legal way
  • You have to take many precautions before using such pirated movies download websites.
  • This is a serious crime, for which user can be fined or punished.
  • There you can find many irritating advertisements.
  • May be not safe
  • Such websites are banned anytime.


  1.  Is is a Safe? – No, we do not guarantee that any of these JC websites are secure. In these JC website you will find more useless advertisements, wherever you click anywhere, the advertisement will open automatically. There are no safety features available in it, so do not fill any of your private information.
  2. Is it legal Website? –  No, a website like these is not legal, not at all in India. No website can upload any copyrighted material without the permission of the creator, if anyone does so, it is considered a punishable offense.

How User Download Videos from Torrent.

Here you’ll track down a free catalog to get to BitTorrent documents utilizing uTorrent. Client might need to design the convention encryption to guarantee that the connection between your uTorrent programming and a deluge’s worker is protected prior to downloading something by means of UTorrent. Know that transferring copyright secured material you have not paid for is a break of Web robbery and copyright and is dependent upon genuine government punishments.

UTorrent is no ifs, ands or buts one of deluge’s most well known application. You can utilize it, not make any difference in can design, to get to practically any deluge record. You can likewise stream films with uTorrent, obviously. On the off chance that you keep on perusing this post, you will figure out how to do this exactly as we show you from most ideal way.

You need to get a handle on an assortment of parts of this undertaking to realize how to watch films utilizing uTorrent. That is the reason we start with the rudiments to tell you the best way to introduce this deluge customer and discover film downpours. Furthermore, as well as cultivating the document to other P2P clients we will show you how to get to a downpour motion pictures account. Along these lines, how about we move straight in with no more promote.

  1. User Must have Utorrent app in to PC or Smartphone
  2. If don’t have, Install from official website.
  3. Search your desired keyword in google and put torrent word in back side
  4. Also User can get torrent file from 13377x.
  5. Double click on downloaded torrent file, which is only 3 KB
  6. Utorrent or Bit Torrent open automatically
  7. Downloading will be start shortly.
  8. Done!

How To Download YouTube Video.

The only simple way to allow users to watch and watch videos on their websites is YouTube. Many users cannot download their favorite YouTube videos directly to their computer, so that they can watch offline videos without connecting to the Internet.

You may know that no video can be imported directly from YouTube. YouTube does not allow downloading of videos as copyright issues arise.

You can easily download YouTube videos using other platforms. Right now all the Android applications are also available which gives you easy download of videos of YouTube, Instagram, Facebook.

Today we are going to talk about one such useful website, from which the user can download any YouTube videos easily and for free. If you do not know how to do this work, you can follow the steps given below.

  • Open official website-
  • Open the video you want to download. Share it and copy the video link.
  • Open the Keepwid website.
  • Here you will see a blank box of a URL.
  • Paste the URL of the copied YouTube video, and click on download.
  • Now you will see all the download options.
  • Select any one option according to you.
  • Click the download button
  • Your file download will start soon.

Download YouTube Video Using Android App

There are many Android applications like keep Vid, Vid Mate, Snake Videos and Snap Tube, due to which you can easily download any YouTube video. All this is probably not available in the Google Play Store, but you can easily download it from its website.

With the development of Google’s technology, you now have more options to watch YouTube videos in HD. In all the YouTube download methods shown above, you can easily download any video in HD. You will not find all videos in 4K, because not all videos are uploaded to YouTube in 4k. You can download the video which is present in 4K. Not all websites or Android applications have this feature.


This article is published here for reference and educational purposes only, we do not claim any ownership of the Movie Rulz website, which is called Movierulz and its other domains and subdomains. We have named Movierulz’s only working domain to help you provide its related critical information.

You can visit at your own risk, our blog is not responsible for any kind of legal activity. Any kind of piracy and movies leak is illegal in India and all over the world. All this information is provided on our blog only for the purpose of education and knowledge.

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