PM Kisan eKYC Process and CSC Login

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PM Kisan eKYC Process and CSC Login

Hello friends, all of you are very welcome to our blog Gujarati English, today we are moving towards an important information, it will prove to be very useful for you and the name of the article is “Complete Process PM Kisan eKYC and CSC Login.” This information is very useful for all farmers in India.

Eligible farming families under PM Kisan Sanman Nidhi Yojana get a financial benefit of Rs. 6,000 per annum. Rs.2,000 is transferred in three equal installments every four months to the account of the beneficiaries of this scheme. The 11th installment of PM Farmers Scheme, 1st March, 2022 was deposited by the Government of India in the bank accounts of all the farmers and now this 12th installment will be credited to the accounts of all the people soon.

Many people have not received the last installment under PM Kisan Yojana as their eKYC process has not been completed yet. While most farmers do not know about this and how this process takes place, they do not even know. In today’s article we will get information about this and you can easily do this process yourself through your mobile.

If you have enrolled in this scheme and you want to take advantage of this scheme, it becomes very necessary to do e-KY first. The government of India has set March 31 as the last date for the government to process e-KYC. According to the information we have received, the duration of this process has been extended a bit as many farmers are being deprived.

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Complete Process PM Kisan eKYC and CSC Login

Friends, in this article, we will tell you how to do online eKYC for Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sanman Nidhi Yojana, as well as other information related to the scheme will be made available to you through this article.

Any farmer in the country can apply for Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sanman Nidhi Yojana by visiting the official website of Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sanman Nidhi Yojana at, however they are required to complete all the eligibility for PM Kisan Sanman Nidhi Yojana. But due to scrutiny of a small number of farmers by some states and non-implementation of the scheme, the entire budget could not be spent, which is why the Ministry of Agriculture has set a budget of only Rs 60,000 crore this year to finance farmers.

If you also want to apply for PM Kisan Sanman Nidhi Yojana, you can easily fill up the application form successfully through the application process specified by us. In this article, we have provided all the necessary information regarding PM Kisan Yojana. Read the whole article to get more information and write in the comments if you need any information. You can contact your Gram Panchayat for more information.

How to Process PM Kisan eKYC

The government launched the Kisan Sanman Nidhi Yojana on 01 December 2018 to improve the living standards and economic condition of small, marginal and poor farmers in the country. Under this scheme, the government provides financial assistance of Rs 6000.

For your information let us inform you that farmers have so far received a total of 10 installments under PM Kisan Yojana, and now all the farmer brothers are eagerly awaiting the 11th installment. In fact, e-KYC has been made mandatory for eligible farmers under the scheme. Due to which the distribution of 11th installment is not going smoothly. Complete information about how to do e-KYC PM Kisan registration online and PM Kisan eKYC is being given in detail.

Farmers’ wait is over, the next installment of Kisan Sanman Nidhi may be released by May 20. Farmers should get the brothers done before 31st May, if eKYC is not done then the installment may be stopped. Now farmer brother will also be able to do eKYC sitting at home through Aadhaar OTP.

how to do pm kisan ekyc in gujarati
how to do pm kisan ekyc in gujarati
  • PM Kisan eKYC You can easily do this even through your smartphone.
  • To do PM Kisan EKYC, first you have to visit the official portal of Kisan Sanman Nidhi, the photo of which you can see above –
pm kisan ekyc in gujarati farmer corner
  • On the home page, there will be a separate “Former Corner” on the right.
  • Where you first see the option PM Kisan eKYC, you have to click on that option.
pm kisan ekyc in gujarati enter aadhar
  • Now Aadhar E KYC page will open in front of you. On this page, enter your Aadhaar number in the Aadhaar column and click on Search.
pm kisan ekyc in gujarati get otp
  • Now you will come across a new option, where you have to enter the Aadhaar Registered Mobile Number. Then click on Get OTP option.
pm kisan ekyc in gujarati enter otp
  • Now a four digit one time password i.e. OTP will come on your registered mobile, after entering this OTP click on Aadhar OTP.
  • Now again the registered mobile link with your Aadhar card will get six digit OTP, after entering this OTP click on Submit OTP.
pm kisan ekyc in gujarati process completed
  • If you have done this whole process well, then this e-KYC process is complete. It will be written in green.
  • If there is any problem in this process, Invalid will be written in red.

PM Kisan eKYC Problem and Solution

The farmer of the country can grow crops without any worries, his fields can flourish, he does not have to sink into debt etc. The more a farmer cares about all these things, the more the government will probably try. So many schemes are run for the farmers of the country. If they are given farming equipment in a scheme then economic benefits are given under a scheme. For example- Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sanman Nidhi Yojana.

Under this scheme, farmers are given Rs 6,000 directly to their bank account annually, which comes in three installments of Rs 2,000. At the same time, now waiting for the next installment of Rs 2,000 each, but you may not know that if you have not done e-KYC yet, your next installment money may hang. So let us know how you can do e-KYC online. You can learn about this in the next slides.

The countdown of PM Kisan’s next or 11th installment has started. It can be credited to your account anytime after 1st April 2022, but if you have not completed e-KYC then Rs. The 2000 installment may stop.

Let me tell you that e-KYC has started on PM Kisan Portal and you can do it very easily from your mobile or laptop sitting at home. No need to go anywhere for this. So, if you want to get the next installment without any hindrance, be sure to complete it by March 31st. But a lot of people are having trouble doing this process, which is why they can’t complete this process on their phone. Below are some questions and solutions.

Can’t get OTP on registered mobile?

This question is happening to many people and there can be many reasons behind this question. Let us consider a few points regarding the solution of this question. You are required to enter the mobile number registered under PM Kisan Nidhi Yojana while processing eKYC. You may have difficulty in getting OTP due to the difference in mobile number.

Looking for other reasons, I have often seen that write people do this process. This may be due to a server problem or a technical glitch. It may be that you are entering all the information correctly but you are not getting OTP due to technical difficulty. I have had such a problem with myself. If you try again later, you will get OTP easily.

Invalid OTP problem

Here you know that you have to enter OTP twice, one for PM Kisan Nidhi Yojana and the other time for OTP to link mobile number linked with Aadhar card. Now if that mobile number is not registered in the farmer’s PM Kisan Sanman Nidhi Yojana, while doing Aadhaar verification, invalid OTP error occurs.

To avoid such questions just keep the same mobile number in both the places or use the registered mobile number. Now that you have no specific information on this matter, you can check your registered number in Beneficiary Status. There you will find complete information about your form, and you can add updates if needed.

Server down

It often happens that write people do this process at the same time, so often the problem of server down comes up to the user. This is a technical problem, so there is nothing you can do about it. Try again later, your question will be resolved or process early in the morning or late at night.

Important links related to PM Kisan Yojana

PM Kisan’s official
PM Kisan eKYC Direct LinkClick Here
PM Kisan link for new registrationClick Here
PM Kisan Helpline numberClick Here

PM Kisan eKYC CSC Login

A separate login has been provided for PM Kisan eKYC CSC Center. If you are unable to do eKYC via mobile or are having OTP problem, you can do eKYC via fingerprint. But you have to do this process at CSC center, because you can’t do this on your mobile.

PM Kisan eKYC Is Important For Every Farmer

Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sanman Nidhi Yojana or PM Kisan Yojana is a scheme through which the government provides financial assistance of Rs 2,000 to the registered eligible farmers of the country throughout the year i.e. every fourth month. At the same time, there are some people who are getting the benefit of the scheme by becoming farmers i.e. by applying as fake farmers. In such a scenario, the government has made the PM Kisan e-KYC process mandatory so that the funds of the scheme do not reach the vain and unworthy people.

EKYC is mandatory for PM Kisan registered farmers. Please contact the nearest CSC centers for biometric authentication via OTP authentication. Support based eKYC has been temporarily suspended by OTP authentication. The eKYC deadline for all PMKISAN beneficiaries has been extended to 31st May 2022.

Under PM Kisan Sanman Nidhi Yojana (PMKSY), farmers benefiting from Kisan Sanman Nidhi Yojana will get 11th installment only when they complete eKYC by visiting PM Kisan Portal. There are two ways to do eKYC.

The first way is to go to and click on the eKYC link, click on the link and submit and submit the Aadhaar number of the beneficiary, then a new page will open with a link to Aadhaar. The displayed number should be marked. Then submit the OTP received on the mobile number and submit EKYC. Keep in mind that there must be a link to the base.

Another way is that the beneficiary can complete eKYC by taking Aadhaar card and biometric authentication at any CSC center, for which a fee of Rs. 15 has been fixed by the government. Therefore, all farmer brothers who are availing the PM Kisan Sanman Nidhi or new registration must do eKYC in any of the ways mentioned before 31st March 2022, so that they do not face any problem in getting any installment in future. From 24.03.2022 to 31.05.2022, all state agricultural seeds of all development blocks are being organized at Bharbar.

This means that without KYC, the 11th installment of PM Kisan will not be given to anyone. If you want to get 11th installment under PM Kisan Yojana, you have to check KYC i.e. your Aadhaar card.

What is PM Kisan eKYC

According to the information received from the official website of Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sanman Nidhi Yojana, if you get Rs. 6 thousand is getting the benefit, you should get the benefit easily under this scheme. This is very important to do. For this e KYC 2022. According to the new rules, if you have already done e-KYC, do e-KYC again and see that e-KYC is happening again, you can guess that the 10th installment under the scheme will be shortened. Will come in time. Will only be issued.

PM Kisan eKYC Deadline

Under PM Kisan Sanman Nidhi Yojana, KYC has been made mandatory for farmer brothers, no deadline has been fixed by the government for this, but if you do not complete this process, you will get this scheme. Farmers are requested to complete the eKYC process as early as possible to avail the continuous benefits of this scheme.

New updates of Kisan Sanman Nidhi Yojana

When asked about the Kisan Nidhi Yojana, the official associated with the scheme said that considering the number of potential beneficiaries, the budget for the next financial year would be allocated. We have demanded a reasonable budget considering our existing database and the number of potential beneficiaries.

Under this scheme, farmers get Rs. 6,000 financial assistance is being provided and the government has so far spent Rs. 44,000 crore. As the tenth installment of Kisan Sanman Nidhi Yojana, Rs.2000 was credited to the accounts of all the beneficiaries from 15th December.

PM Kisan Sanman Nidhi 2022

About 9.5 crore farmers have registered under PM Kisan Yojana, out of which about 7.5 crore farmers have been screened by Aadhaar. The central government is pressuring the states to expedite the verification process so that more funds can be provided by the end of this financial year. The government launched the scheme last year. The scheme covered farmers whose land is 2 hectares or less. In the last financial year, Rs 20,000 crore was given to PM Kisan Sanman Nidhi Yojana. Out of which Rs. More than Rs 6,000 crore was allocated.

Important documents related to PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme

Candidates who want to apply for PM Kisan samman Nidhi yojana. They also require some important documents. The list of all those documents is given below in the article. All the candidates can get all the information related to the document through the list given in the article.

  • Basic address proof
  • certificate of cultivator
  • Aadhar Card
  • Pan Card
  • copy of account khatauni
  • passport size photo
  • bank account details
  • income certificate
  • Candidate must be a resident of India.
  • Farmer applicant age should be more than 18 years.


Is it necessary to process PM Kisan eKYC?

It is very important to complete the PM Kisan KYC process, because if it is not done, the farmer brothers will not get the benefit of the scheme.

Where to process PM Kisan eKYC?

If your mobile number is not registered, the farmer brothers can also do so by visiting their nearest CSC center.

What happens in PM Kisan eKYC?

The process is very simple and support verification is done mainly in PM Kisan eKYC. You can also do this in your phone.

Why PM invalid OTP option comes in Kisan eKYC?

Farmer who is using mobile number in eKYC, if that mobile number is not registered in the farmer’s PM Kisan Sanman Nidhi Yojana, then while performing Aadhaar verification, invalid OTP option comes up. So use only registered mobile number. Or you can check your registered number in the beneficiary status.

Can farmers do PM Kisan e KYC from their mobile phones sitting at home?

Yes, all the farmers in India will be able to do this process from their mobile phones at home.


I hope you have found complete information about eKYC and scheme in the article “Complete Process of PM Kisan eKYC.” However, if there is any problem, let us know by commenting below. And do not forgot to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Sharechat.

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