Todays All E-Newspaper in Gujarati (PDF), Gujarat Samachar, Divyabhaskar and Sandesh News Free Live 24/7.

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Todays All E-Newspaper in Gujarati (PDF), Gujarat Samachar, Divyabhaskar and Sandesh News Free Live 24/7.

Welcome Readers to our blog Gujarati English, Today we will talk about All E Newspaper in Gujarati (PDF), Gujarat Samachar, Divyabhaskar and Sandesh News. Here you can get all newspaper link, Through which link you can easily read daily news online.

Now technology is also increasing, due to which you can easily get all the things online. What was previously very difficult to achieve, now you can easily find it in your mobile laptop or computer. In the future, this technology is going to grow even more and you cannot even think that you can handle all things easily even while you are away thousands of kilometers.

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Today’s All E Newspaper in Gujarati Official Link

  1. Gujarat Samachar Today’s Gujarati News Paper
  2. Sandesh Today’s Gujarati Newspaper
  3. Divyabhaskar Today’s News Paper
  4. Saurshtra Samachar
  5. Mumbai Samachar
  6. Akila News
  7. Nobat News Paper
  8. Phoolchab News
  9. Sambhav Metro News
  10. Jay Hind Samachar
  11. Gujarat Mitra
  12. Nav Gujarat Samay News
  13. Jagat Krnti
  14. Jagat Darpan
  15. Gujarat Today
  16. Akila News Official
  17. Katcch Mitra
  18. Janmabhumi News Paper
  19. Gandhinagar Samachar
  20. Gujarat Abroad
  21. Kutch Uday Samchar
  22. Mid Day Gujarati News
  23. Naya Padkar News
  24. Sambhav Metro News
  25. Nav Gujarat Samay
  26. Sanj Samachar
  27. Ajj Kal News
  28. Sardar Gurjari
  29. Gujarat Today
  30. Western Wimes Gujarati
  31. Bikul Online Gujarati News
  32. Ahmedabad Mirror Gujarati News
  33. Gujarat Guardian
  34. Lok Sansar News
  35. Saurashtra Aspas News
  36. Rakhewal Daily News
  37. Naya Padkar News
  38. Sunvilla Samachar
  39. Eagle News
  40. Dhabkar Surat News
  41. Lok Mijaj
  42. Muslim Sandesh
  43. Gujarat News- Times of India
  44. On India Gujarati

You can read any newspaper in Gujarati by clicking on the name above. You will directly go to the official website from where you can read the newspaper online everyday or can also download it in PDF.

Watch All Gujarati News Channels (Live- List)

Todays All Gujarati News Live
Todays All Gujarati News Live

Some Historical Information About Gujarati Newspaper and Printing

Here you will get the link to read the news, with that you will also get a little information about all the news companies here, which you probably will not know. Anyone can easily read any newspaper in Gujarati on their mobile and it is for free for everyone.

The printing was presented in Gujarati in 1812. The previously printed book distributed was the Gujarati interpretation of Dabestan e Mazaheb arranged and printed by Parsi cleric Fardunjee Marzban in 1815. Early papers in Gujarati are distributed from Bombay and they covered business and business news primarily. They were primarily distributed by Parsi people group and served zone of Bombay.

On 1 July 1822, the main Gujarati paper Bombayna Samachar was begun by Fardunjee Marzban as a week by week business diary with 150 endorsers. In 1832, it was renamed Bombay Samachar and changed over into every other week. Bombay Samachar is first published newspaper in Gujarati.

Later it turned out to be day by day in 1855. In 1933, its current distributer Cama family brought it. Another Parsi, Naoroji Dorabji Chandaru began Mumbai Vartman in 1830. After a year was renamed Mumbaina Halkaru Ane Vartaman and changed over into fortnightly which distributed until 1843.

Pestonji Manekji began a week after week Jam e Jamshed in 1831 which later changed over in every day 1853. A few different papers distributed somewhere in the range of 1832 and 1856: Doorbeen, Samachar Darpan, Mombaina Kasud, Chitranjan Darpan and Chabuk.

Todays All E-Newspaper in Gujarati (PDF), Gujarat Samachar, Divyabhaskar and Sandesh News 2
Todays All E-Newspaper in Gujarati (PDF), Gujarat Samachar, Divyabhaskar and Sandesh News

The primary ladies’ magazine in Gujarati, Stribodh was set up in 1857 by Parsi social activists. The Gujarat Vernacular Society of Ahmedabad, established by English Judge Alexander Kinloch Forbes, began Vartaman in 1849. The general public additionally distributed Budhvar week after week and Buddhiprakash magazine.

Because of endeavors of Forbes, Surat Samachar, an every other week, was presented in Surat in 1850 which run for brief period. Dinshaw Ardeshir Talyarkhan began Gujarat Darpan in 1863 as an every other week. It was converged with Gujaratmitra in 1894 and was renamed Gujaratmitra Gujarat Darpan.

A few diary during those occasions were committed to social change. Parhejhgar of Surat was dedicated to disallowance. Lallubhai Raichand dispatched Shamasher Bahadur in Ahmedabad in 1854. Social reformer Dadabhai Navroji acquainted Rast Goftar with explain Zoroastrian ideas in 1854 which distributed until 1921. Narmad dispatched Dandiyo in 1864 which was roused by The Observer. It run until 1869 and converged with Sunday Survey in 1870. Karsandas Mulji began Satyaprakash in 1855 in Bombay.

The principal day by day distributed in Gujarat was Hitechchhu. It was dispatched a fortnightly in 1861 and later turned out to be day by day in 1873. Prajabandhu was presented in 1895. A week after week from Kheda, Kheda Vartman was begun in 1861 and finished its centennial. A night paper Sanj Varman of Bombay was presented in 1902 which distributed until 1950. Doot, a Gujarati Catholic month to month, was dispatched from Bombay.

The Media in Gujarati began with distribution of Bombay Samachar in 1822. At first the papers distributed business news and they were possessed by Parsi individuals situated in Bombay. After a some time Gujarati papers began distributed from different pieces of Gujarat.

A few periodicals gave to social changes were distributed in the second 50% of the nineteenth century. After appearance of Mahatma Gandhi, the Indian autonomy development topped and it brought about multiplication of Gujarati media. Following autonomy, the media was mostly centered around political news.

After bifurcation of Bombay express, the zone of administration changed. Later there was an increment in readership because of development of education and the media houses extended its readership by distributing more number of versions. Later these media houses wandered into computerized media moreover. The radio and TV media extended after 1990.

In above you can get a some useful historical information about Newspaper in Gujarati. You might not know this information and I hope you must have liked this information.

Gujarat was the first state in Quite a while where the rustic high recurrence TV transmitter was set up. In 1975, it was set up at Pij Doordarshan Kendra, Kheda district Gujarat. The state claimed Doordarshan was the first to enter in TV and it works DD Girnar. Other private media company worked Television slots are Shadings Gujarati, P7 News, television 9 Gujarati, Bizz News, VTV Gujarati, Sandesh News, GSTV News, ABP Asmita etc.

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