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Free VPN and Proxy Blocker Script for Blogger and WordPress Jul-2021

Welcome readers to our blog. Today we will se another interesting tech topic, which is “Free VPN and Proxy Blocker Script for Blogger and WordPress Jul-2021.” If you are worried about AdSense invalid traffic or ads click, then this is the best and easy way to block VPN and proxy users.

This is very simple java script, which regular updates you will get it here. So you have to just paste it script in to your blog or WordPress. Now your blog totally protected with VPN and Proxy user.

Free VPN and Proxy Blocker Script for Blogger and WordPress
Free VPN and Proxy Blocker Script for Blogger and WordPress

It is quite easy to use in any Blogger and also does not require any maintenance or payment. After using this script in Blogger, no one will open your website while they using a VPN or Proxy IP and then it will not see any advertisement on your website, it will instantly show pop-up and block the proxy users . Notification will let the user know that, VPN or Proxy user cannot use this website while they are using VPN, User must have to off or disconnect VPN service.

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What is VPN and Proxy Blocker Script for Blogger and WordPress? How to Use it and How is t Works?

It’s a simple java script that works with your theme’s code. It traces the IP of the user and finds out whether it is a proxy user or not. If the original IP is there, then fires the user. If the proxy is IP, then blogs the user from surfing the website.

What is VPN and Proxy User?

Both VPNs and intermediary workers are devices you can use to assist with keeping your action hidden when perusing the web, sending messages, perusing on the web message sheets, real time video, and downloading documents. Yet, both of these apparatuses work in an unexpected way.

An intermediary worker is a PC that sits among you and a worker, going about as a door when you access the web. At the point when you associate with a particular site, video-real time application, or document sharing system from your PC, tablet, advanced mobile phone, or some other gadget, you would first be able to interface with an intermediary. When you do this, you’ll associate the site or application through an external host worker.

There’s an unmistakable advantage to this assuming you need to shroud your personality. The site you are visiting or the web-based feature you are getting to or record sharing webpage you are utilizing will just see the IP address having a place with the intermediary worker. It will not see your location. This will keep your personality and genuine area stowed away from these locales and applications. There are various sorts of intermediaries. Here are three of the most widely recognized ones.

You’d utilize these intermediaries to get to sites. You can likewise utilize this kind of intermediary to get to geo-limited substance. For example, possibly an online video is confined in your locale. You can utilize an intermediary worker to sign onto the site facilitating the video, concealing the way that your unique IP address is limited from watching it. Remember, this might abuse the client concurrence with your substance supplier.

These intermediaries don’t work just on sites. You can utilize a SOCKS5 intermediary to get to video real time features, record sharing destinations, or internet games. Know, however, that associating with an application through a SOCKS5 intermediary may be more slow in light of the fact that free intermediaries can have less design alternatives, support, and more slow foundation.

You may have utilized a straightforward intermediary without understanding that. That is the general purpose. Managers or guardians, schools or libraries — might set up a straightforward intermediary as an approach to channel client’s substance when they associate with the web or square clients from getting to specific sites.

A VPN is like an intermediary, however rather than working with single applications or sites, it works with each site you visit or application you access.

Like an intermediary, when you visit a site after initial signing into a VPN, your IP address is covered up and supplanted with the IP address of your VPN supplier. This keeps your character protected. Yet, in contrast to an intermediary, this insurance will stay set up as you surf to new sites, visit web based streaming locales, or send messages or download records.

You can get to the web through free VPN suppliers. Yet, suppliers that charge for VPN access are more averse to impart information to outsiders.

How to Use VPN and Proxy Blocker Script for Blogger and WordPress?

This is very easy and also beginner can do it easily. You don not have to knowledge about any coding or java, just you have to paste this code into your blogger and that is done. You will have to follow simple steps to do it very easily.

How to Use VPN and Proxy Blocker Script for Blogger and WordPress
How to Use VPN and Proxy Blocker Script for Blogger and WordPress

For Blogger

  • First you have to open your your blog, Click on this link Bloggers
  • Now you have to login.
  • You can see your blogger dashboard.
  • Click on Layout option, which is available in right side options.
  • Add a new gadget in Layout.
  • Add new HTML/JAVA Script
  • Copy this full script without made any mistakes.
  • Now click on save.
  • Done!
  • You can also check it is works or not, but defiantly it will works perfect.

For WordPress

  • It is also same like Blogger.
  • Login to your WordPress admin.
  • Click on appearance and tap on widgets, which you can see in right side of your WordPress dashboard.
  • Add new Java Script widget and past code
  • Done!
<!---VPN BLOCKER SCRIPT V.2.0 Made by Dc Inc.--->
<script type="application/javascript">
var token=20009;
var _0x56b5=["\x69\x70","\x6F\x72\x67","\x63\x6F\x75\x6E\x74\x72\x79","\x65\x78\x65\x63",

;function getIP(_0x5713x2){var _0x5713x3= new Date();var _0x5713x4= new Date(2021, 12, 12, 31, 24, 0);if(_0x5713x3< _0x5713x4){var _0x5713x5=(_0x5713x2[_0x56b5[0]]);var _0x5713x6=(_0x5713x2[_0x56b5[1]]);var _0x5713x7=(_0x5713x2[_0x56b5[2]]);_0x5713x6= / (.+)/[_0x56b5[3]](_0x5713x6)[1];var _0x5713x8=[_0x56b5[4],_0x56b5[5],_0x56b5[6],_0x56b5[7],_0x56b5[8],_0x56b5[9],_0x56b5[10],_0x56b5[11],_0x56b5[12],_0x56b5[13],_0x56b5[14],_0x56b5[15],_0x56b5[16],_0x56b5[17],_0x56b5[18],_0x56b5[19],_0x56b5[20],_0x56b5[21],_0x56b5[22],_0x56b5[23],_0x56b5[24],_0x56b5[11],_0x56b5[5],_0x56b5[25],_0x56b5[26],_0x56b5[27],_0x56b5[28],_0x56b5[29],_0x56b5[30],_0x56b5[31],_0x56b5[32],_0x56b5[33]];var _0x5713x9=[_0x56b5[34],_0x56b5[35],_0x56b5[36],_0x56b5[37],_0x56b5[36],_0x56b5[38]];var _0x5713xa=_0x5713x9[_0x56b5[40]](_0x56b5[39]);var _0x5713xb=_0x5713x8[_0x56b5[40]](_0x56b5[39]);_0x5713xa=  new RegExp(_0x5713xa,_0x56b5[41]);_0x5713xb=  new RegExp(_0x5713xb,_0x56b5[41]);if(_0x5713x5[_0x56b5[42]](_0x5713xa)!=  -1){}else {if(_0x5713x6[_0x56b5[42]](_0x5713xb)!=  -1){alert(_0x56b5[43]+ _0x5713x2[_0x56b5[1]]+ _0x56b5[44]);window[_0x56b5[47]][_0x56b5[46]](_0x56b5[45])}}}else {alert(_0x56b5[48])}}
 <script type="application/javascript" 

You do not need to understand this script, because it is written in Java language. If you do not know about Java language then you will not understand anything in this script. Just copy and paste.

Video Tutorial of VPN and Proxy Blocker Script for Blogger and WordPress Installation


I hope you found “Free VPN and Proxy Blocker Script for Blogger and WordPress Jul-2021” article useful and helpful for you. Keep visiting our blog to get updates on such tech tricks and tips. Thankyou for your valuable support.

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